Writing about writing

Whether you have wound up here accidentally from a Google search gone horribly wrong, are being held against your will and forced to read my blog or are genuinely interested in what I have to say, welcome.

I hope despite whatever act of God has brought you to my page that you take interest in at least something I have to say.

I was the nerd in high school who got giddy when handed essay prompts, and my biggest accomplishment remains to be the 99 percent I received on my critical analysis senior year (ask anyone, they’ll confirm this sad and embarrassing truth.) But personally, I have always found the hardest part about writing to be the beginning – racking your brain for a catchy hook, formulating that perfect thesis, or if provided enough artistic freedom, picking a topic.

However, I love to write, and I write all the time… if you call formulating a million different thoughts in your head to the sound of Kristen Bell’s voice reading a Gossip Girl post writing. That’s my issue. I have a million different trains of thought traveling around in my brain that I think would make for a cool poem, short story or blog post, but being the indecisive person that I am, I just can’t decide which of those thought trains to hop aboard.

And then I justify my actions, or lack there of, by telling myself that my thoughts are best kept squared away within the filing cabinet of my brain safe from judgement, criticism, challenge or dare I say it: change.

But screw that! I hope what I decide to write in future blog posts evokes enough emotion in you that it becomes the topic of discussion at your next family dinner. That would be cool.

“Hey mom, did you read that new blog post from Gabry… or maybe it’s Gary, I don’t really know about [insert blog post topic]. Can you honestly believe she thinks that [insert my opinion]. God, what an idiot.”

After all, some of the best writers are the ones that have caused the most controversy.


Oh and I believe I was threatened by my sister Emily Tyson to give her a shout out for helping me pimp out my blog. So thanks woman.



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