Let Spring Spring Already

Tonight we prepare to set our clocks ahead and although it means losing one hour of precious sleep, it marks the transition to Spring.

I’m over winter. I was pretty much over winter when winter started. I always like to pretend I’m all about winter because I do enjoy skiing and cuddling up by the fire, reading a book and drinking hot cocoa until I realize that I barely get to ski over my winter break, my apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, and I go stir crazy when I can’t leave the fishbowl that my apartment complex sits in.

I’m ready for life to flourish on the dead trees outside my window and awkward tan lines from walking around campus in a t-shirt and shorts. I know we create fictitious times that are always a good way to “reinvent” ourselves, like New Year’s resolutions and our 25th birthday, but spring is my favorite time for new beginnings (maybe that’s just because I’ve been slacking on my New Year’s resolution so this is my excuse). It’s just that for me, as the weather improves so does my attitude and outlook on life. I’m a believer that our moods are strongly influenced by the weather and too much winter is a depressant.

So let spring spring like a slinky down the stairs because I am over the dead and drab that is this winter.


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