Friendship Through Finals

For the past couple of weeks, two others and I have been working hard on our final group project for our multimedia journalism class. We decided to focus our multimedia piece on the School of Metaphysics, something I didn’t know anything about before doing this project.

What I came to learn, the people I met and the friends I made truly made this long project worth the while. My group mates and I took a two hour road trip to Windyville, Mo in order to pay a visit to the international headquarters of the school as well as view and tour the Peace Dome. The trip offered a bonding experience for our group and I felt like I really had a connection with these girls whom I had only met in class this semester. Not only was the drive itself one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on, but the campus of the School of Metaphysics had such an intense feeling of serenity that it was no wonder they chose that land for such a place.

I also had the privilege of meeting Walter and Larry from the School of Metaphysics in Columbia. These men are two of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life and their positivity and happiness made me reflect on some attributes within myself. It really is true that just by surrounding yourself with positive people you can gain a more positive outlook on life.

While this project caused me a lot of stress and anxiety, it was definitely worth it in the end as I saw it all come together.

Check out our site here!


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