The Unknown

The unknown. It’s a concept that puts many people on edge and has always made me uneasy. Take death for example. It’s not death itself that freaks (most) people out, it’s the idea that they can’t say for certain what happens after they die that drives the fear. I am definitely one of those people that lets that uneasiness drive my fear of death, but if there’s one illogical concept that makes me more anxious than death it is outer space.

Space. Infinite, vast, mysterious. I think for me, personally, it’s the idea that it goes on FOREVER (another concept that freaks me out) and we just carry on our day-to-day lives on this floating ball in the middle of this infinite structure that we know pretty much nothing about. I just never took the time to learn or think about space because I never could understand why anyone would possibly care so much. My mindset had always been that we have enough issues here on planet earth to worry about than the possibility that Mars may have had water at some point. As I was discussing my fear of space with a friend, he sent me this video and my mind was blown.

The idea that not only are we a part of the universe, sure a teeny tiny half of a speck, but that the universe is also a part of us is quite possibly the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard. The same stuff that makes up this never ending vortex that scientist dream about knowing more of is within us. That just makes me feel like I can go out and conquer the world… or the universe.

Don’t even get me started about his fascinatingly disturbing truth. However, if that is true -that there is a species out there one percent smarter than we are- we should probably stop spending so much money looking because chances are they’re going to find us first… if they haven’t already.